Saturday, 26 December 2015

Faux Fur-ever

Merry Christmas one and all! As you can imagine I've been busy getting absolutely crammed full of food and drifitng off into a multitude of food comas while watching tv with the fam. Mainly 'House', of course - and I hope you have as well.  SO, this is going to be a fairly quick one! For Christmas my lovely Charlie gave me this beauuuutiful faux fur patchwork scarf (I picked it, naturally...) and I'm in LOVE with it. I want to wear it all day, every day. Luckily enough it's chilly enough to at the moment! 

I wasn't sure about pairing the scarf with these culottes, especially once I saw the photos... I'm trying to shake things up a bit style-wise, so expect some interesting experiments in 2016. Perhaps it'd be more suited to something a little plainer, but I enjoyed mixing and matching patterns anyway. I'm becoming a little more adventurous in my fashion sense, so I'm hoping this coming year my blog will become even more colourful and much more exciting!

Scarf - ASOS
Culottes - Missguided
Shoes - Topshop
Ear Cuff - H&M
Top - Topshop

That's all for today, love to you all xxxx

Sunday, 20 December 2015


Hey boys and girls, once again apologies for being sliiiightly MIA recently - you know how the Christmas months go. Also if you've been following me on instagram you'll know that I've been working on a new business venture which will be properly released within the next few months hopefully! Until then my lips are sealed (kind of). I have included a cheeky sneak peek photo at the end of this post though eeeep.

Todays outfit of the day is pretty...colourful...I'm also very aware that I've ended up looking slightly like a six year old in my bright print trainers. Oh well, life is too short not to dress like a   r a i n b o w  half the time. I didn't actually realise how well my new fluffy clutch bag (which I'm in love with) coordinated with the trainers until I wore them together for the first time, and hurrah a new clothing friendship was formed.

The bag is from Story of Lola (via ASOS) - I had my eye on it for MONTHS before I finally bit the bullet and grabbed it while it had a 20% discount on Black Friday. I genuinely don't know what posessed me to buy the fluorescent Addidas trainers (via Depop) - I still can't decide if I'm lusting over them or in disgust over I'll just leave those thoughts alone for now and enjoy having brightly coloured toes.

As it's delightfully warm for Christmas in London, I was happy enough to go out with just this simple denim jacket on and a semi-sheer shirt (both from Primark) - no scarf needed. Can you believe it!? When I was looking over these photos I do think the collar necklace was slightly overkill and I could have done with a much simpler accessory - but c'est la vie, I'm still pretty pleased with my pretty pink tomboy/princess outfit - as such as thing exists, apparently.

And aaaas for the cheeky photo sneak peek...enjoy! Any feedback for these necklaces will be gladly welcomed, I'll be selling them very soon with my beautiful (but silent) partner ;)

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Winter Brights

Coat - Monki
Scarf - ASOS
Hat - ASOS

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Nyx Lips Review - New Love

Hey everyone,

SO I’VE GOT TO START THIS POST BY SAYING - I cannot take pictures of my make up at all, and please bear in mind I am wearing literally no other make up so soz for spots etc etc. I am also aware how badly I applied this, but I also kind of don’t care because I’m sick so leave me aloooone haha. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way… I don’t usually do make up reviews but I fell head over heels for this product.

Nyx Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes

After being introduced to Nyx Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream through my friend Chloe (make up queen), I have become obsessed with this brand. I love liquid lipsticks, but good ones at reasonable prices are VERY hard to come by. My current favourite is Lush, which is incredibly moisturising (crammed full of essential oils) and has amazing pigment - and best of all, they definitely don’t test on animals or use any nasty products. One downside is that they don’t have very many subtle shades - you either go bright, or go home. They’re also around £14 which is a bit pricey for me to be buying regularly, unfortunately.

At the other end of the scale is MUA and Sleek - incredibly cheap new brands which can be found in Superdrug, which I believe have come over from the US. Some of the products these brands offer really are excellent for the price - but liquid lipstick is not one of them. Having tried the MUA velvet matte (whatever its called) liquid lipstick, I’ve never worn it again. It dried out my lips and left them feeling horrible and flakey, and even bloody by the end of the day from my trying to desperately scrub it off. Sleek matte liquid lipsticks are very similar to this - although for £3-£5 I normally wouldn’t expect much better. I’ve also been warned that the Nyx VELVET lip cream is similar - so avoid, avoid, avoid.

Enter, Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creame. First of all these are a STEAL at £5.50 each, but initially I was dubious that I was going to have the same problems as the previous brands. I could not have been more wrong. This is like gliding butter across your lips, the application is GLORIOUS. So soft, smooth, perfect texture and easy to apply. I wish I could just sweep it over my lips day in and day out, it just feels so good and lives up to the name of being soft and creamy. It does go on quite shiny, and being very creamy I wasn’t sure it would actually dry matte which is what I was looking for in a liquid lipstick - but it did dry, and somehow even managed to retain a bit of shine without a hint of stickiness.  It also stayed moisturising - there was not a crack to be seen. 

I would definitely say that if you’re able to, visit a store that has them in stock (in London so far I only know Selfridges has them) because the colours do come out very different in person to what you see online. I ended up buying 3 (oops) because they’re just so beautiful and come in a range of wonderful shades, incredible dupes for some of the more expensive versions like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Estee Lauder, and I am well and truly in love.

You can also order them from Boots online, so there’s hope for all!

Till next time xxx

Saturday, 5 December 2015

From Light to Darkness..

Well helloooo everyone and happy December! Sorry I've been a bit MIA recently, I've been getting more work at the V&A and been super busy with curating (which is definitely needed as I decided it was a great idea to buy everyones Christmas presents all on one payday) and there's a few exciting things going on as well, which I can update you on in a little while.

Is anyone else feeling festive yet? I've already had one Christmas meal with a group of friends, and I'm about to have another one at Wahaca tonight. Any excuse for Mexican food, really... super Christmassy I know. Anyway I think the reason I'm feeling more in the Christmas spirit is because throughout the crazy Black Friday sales (what is this, America now!?) I built a huuuuge present list of all sorts of things I want to find under the tree on the 25th, because I just can't afford them any other time of the year. Muahaha. Here's some clues - big faux fur, patchwork colours, essential oils, Lush x a billion, make up palettes, and books books books. Sorry Santa, I'd be happy enough with a ton of great Christmas food but it can't harm to make a list, right? Just in case..

Onto todays outfit. Another reason I haven't posted much in the way of fashion recently - I've just been dressing super boring. All black or smart for work, or basically PJs everyday I'm at home for super comfort. Today is the first day I actually felt like making a little bit of effort, so tadaaa! This Summery dress is very off season, but I love colours and florals all year round, so there you go. As you can tell I've found some nice colourful locations around Chiswick to take photos, so I needed to take full advantage.

This little number is from Topshop (via depop) and because it is bloody freezing outside, I had to pair it with some 300 dernier thermal tights from Primark. When Winter comes around, comfort comes first for me 100%. Pretty soon I'll even be breaking out my green weather resistant padded coat that makes me look like an alien Michelin man. My comfy patent tassle plimsoles finished off the look nicely, but I'm sorry for the lack of accessories like I normally have. I told you, boring! However, I've recently been discovering more about make up - how to apply it properly, which brands are best, and how to create different looks. I still really don't know very much at all, but I've just invested in the Morphe 350 and Morphe 35W palettes so hopefully once I figure out how to use them, I can do some more beauty posts and my outfits will become a bit more inspired. Maybe.

As for inspiration - now, I know this is going to sound a little strange, but I've been HUGELY inspired by American Horror Story - Hotel. I won't share too much for those who haven't seen it yet (people who post spoilers all over the internet are on my personal hit list) but amongst all the blood, gore and horror is an insane amount of GLAMOUR. I'm serious. Lady Gaga is doing an amazing job, far better than I expected - and her character just oozes elegance. So far we've seen her in the 20s, 40s, 50s, 70s, 80s and 00s I think, although most of the time she just looks Old Hollywood, but in every single scene she just makes me want to die through sheer and utter fabulousness. She's making me wish I was her. Right now part of me just wants to wear black, black and more black topped off with pearls, tons of bling, long blonde hair and BIG RED LIPS (says the girl browsing sparkly pink shoes online as she types this). Even her sexy voice is glamorous. Can you tell I'm getting obsessed? It's not just Gaga though, the whole essence of the hotel and its mysterious happenings - albeit terrifying ones - contribute to the air of curiosity and ultimately, intense beauty.

Brb, off to become a luxurious, elegant, queen of darkness xxx