Saturday, 5 December 2015

From Light to Darkness..

Well helloooo everyone and happy December! Sorry I've been a bit MIA recently, I've been getting more work at the V&A and been super busy with curating (which is definitely needed as I decided it was a great idea to buy everyones Christmas presents all on one payday) and there's a few exciting things going on as well, which I can update you on in a little while.

Is anyone else feeling festive yet? I've already had one Christmas meal with a group of friends, and I'm about to have another one at Wahaca tonight. Any excuse for Mexican food, really... super Christmassy I know. Anyway I think the reason I'm feeling more in the Christmas spirit is because throughout the crazy Black Friday sales (what is this, America now!?) I built a huuuuge present list of all sorts of things I want to find under the tree on the 25th, because I just can't afford them any other time of the year. Muahaha. Here's some clues - big faux fur, patchwork colours, essential oils, Lush x a billion, make up palettes, and books books books. Sorry Santa, I'd be happy enough with a ton of great Christmas food but it can't harm to make a list, right? Just in case..

Onto todays outfit. Another reason I haven't posted much in the way of fashion recently - I've just been dressing super boring. All black or smart for work, or basically PJs everyday I'm at home for super comfort. Today is the first day I actually felt like making a little bit of effort, so tadaaa! This Summery dress is very off season, but I love colours and florals all year round, so there you go. As you can tell I've found some nice colourful locations around Chiswick to take photos, so I needed to take full advantage.

This little number is from Topshop (via depop) and because it is bloody freezing outside, I had to pair it with some 300 dernier thermal tights from Primark. When Winter comes around, comfort comes first for me 100%. Pretty soon I'll even be breaking out my green weather resistant padded coat that makes me look like an alien Michelin man. My comfy patent tassle plimsoles finished off the look nicely, but I'm sorry for the lack of accessories like I normally have. I told you, boring! However, I've recently been discovering more about make up - how to apply it properly, which brands are best, and how to create different looks. I still really don't know very much at all, but I've just invested in the Morphe 350 and Morphe 35W palettes so hopefully once I figure out how to use them, I can do some more beauty posts and my outfits will become a bit more inspired. Maybe.

As for inspiration - now, I know this is going to sound a little strange, but I've been HUGELY inspired by American Horror Story - Hotel. I won't share too much for those who haven't seen it yet (people who post spoilers all over the internet are on my personal hit list) but amongst all the blood, gore and horror is an insane amount of GLAMOUR. I'm serious. Lady Gaga is doing an amazing job, far better than I expected - and her character just oozes elegance. So far we've seen her in the 20s, 40s, 50s, 70s, 80s and 00s I think, although most of the time she just looks Old Hollywood, but in every single scene she just makes me want to die through sheer and utter fabulousness. She's making me wish I was her. Right now part of me just wants to wear black, black and more black topped off with pearls, tons of bling, long blonde hair and BIG RED LIPS (says the girl browsing sparkly pink shoes online as she types this). Even her sexy voice is glamorous. Can you tell I'm getting obsessed? It's not just Gaga though, the whole essence of the hotel and its mysterious happenings - albeit terrifying ones - contribute to the air of curiosity and ultimately, intense beauty.

Brb, off to become a luxurious, elegant, queen of darkness xxx

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