Sunday, 20 December 2015


Hey boys and girls, once again apologies for being sliiiightly MIA recently - you know how the Christmas months go. Also if you've been following me on instagram you'll know that I've been working on a new business venture which will be properly released within the next few months hopefully! Until then my lips are sealed (kind of). I have included a cheeky sneak peek photo at the end of this post though eeeep.

Todays outfit of the day is pretty...colourful...I'm also very aware that I've ended up looking slightly like a six year old in my bright print trainers. Oh well, life is too short not to dress like a   r a i n b o w  half the time. I didn't actually realise how well my new fluffy clutch bag (which I'm in love with) coordinated with the trainers until I wore them together for the first time, and hurrah a new clothing friendship was formed.

The bag is from Story of Lola (via ASOS) - I had my eye on it for MONTHS before I finally bit the bullet and grabbed it while it had a 20% discount on Black Friday. I genuinely don't know what posessed me to buy the fluorescent Addidas trainers (via Depop) - I still can't decide if I'm lusting over them or in disgust over I'll just leave those thoughts alone for now and enjoy having brightly coloured toes.

As it's delightfully warm for Christmas in London, I was happy enough to go out with just this simple denim jacket on and a semi-sheer shirt (both from Primark) - no scarf needed. Can you believe it!? When I was looking over these photos I do think the collar necklace was slightly overkill and I could have done with a much simpler accessory - but c'est la vie, I'm still pretty pleased with my pretty pink tomboy/princess outfit - as such as thing exists, apparently.

And aaaas for the cheeky photo sneak peek...enjoy! Any feedback for these necklaces will be gladly welcomed, I'll be selling them very soon with my beautiful (but silent) partner ;)

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