Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Pastels in the Rain

Oh, we are well and truly transitioning into our ever bittersweet British Winter here in London. I say bittersweet because while the wind, cold and rain is biting at my shivering skin, a huge part of me loves the city in the Winter - dark nights, Christmas pop ups, festive food markets, and an impossible amount of entertainment to try and pull us out of the Wintery darkness.

Whilst today wasn't spent enjoying any of the above and Charlie and I were pretty much working inside all day, we did pop out for a bit to take some blog photos and get some naaiiiiice fresh (and wet) air. These photos are a bit all over the place - we had to go back home mid-shoot to clean the camera lense, and as you can tell the cold seems to have numbed all my face muscles... still, it was the perfect opportunity to start showing off my obscene Winter coat collection. Another reason why Winter in London is great - you don't have to think about what you're wearing under all those layers.

This coat is a perfect example of how when my willpower makes a very rare appearance, it can pay off. A couple of years ago I was lusting over this pastel Miss Selfridge coat which unfortunately for my bank account was around £70, but after spotting it in the Summer sales I grabbed it for £20. YESSSS. There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of a good bargain. For super cosiness I paired it with my pastel blue fuzzy fuzzy cookie monster muppet jumper from Brave Soul. Not a brand I normally go for, but their jumpers are so soft I couldn't resist. Throughout the Winter months you'll begin to see how comfort takes priority over any fashion sense I may have had....

 Till next time xxx

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Welcoming Winter

Hi everyone!

Apologies for being so quiet the last couple of weeks, I've been busy recovering and now working three jobs (god help me). And double apologies for the quality of these pictures, we didn't have the SLR with us on our trip to Canary Wharf so iPhone photos will have to do!

Today was actually a bit of a work trip as I needed to write a review for Big Easy and The Breakfast Club in Canary Wharf (two of my favourite restaurants ever ever) but I got to see a couple of friends of mine who live in Devon so we rarely get to see each other, and that was super nice. Of course I couldn't review Big Easy without eating at this branch (or so I told myself) so it was a day of delicious food - popcorn shrimp, fried chicken, bacon and waffles in maple syrup, and pulled pork burgers. If I wasn't skint I'd have pounced on the Lobster Fest but that will have to wait till another time...

Anyway, I was feeling very Autumnal today. The weather is nowhere near as cold as it usually is in Autumn so I was making the most of this very flimsy but pretty Missguided dress, and even got the chance to break out my new cosy Winter headband from ASOS - because technically the Sky Garden is still sooort of outside. You know when it's too warm for a hat but your ears still get FREEZING? Yep. Of course, I had to wear poppies to commemorate Rememberance Sunday tomorrow, especially since I'd lost the pin from my actual poppy and had to leave it at home :( I'd also like to apologise for the massive great spot on my head, still visible through layers and layers of foundation. I've been trying quite a lot of new skincare lately, attempting to find a very mattifying cleanser and scrub, and I think all the trial and error is wreaking havoc on my skin a bit. So actually I don't apologise for the spot at all, but I am sorry that you do have to look at it because it is INESCAPABLE.