Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Summer Skin

So Whilst \I have been planning all these winter outfits (and especially a certain outfit for a certain event...LFW 2012 yessss!!) I forgot that I did actually still need things to wear for the Summer. Although I have a stupid amount of clothes (which I'm quite ashamed about), it turns out I sold pretty much all my casual summer wear on ebay last year, without even realising.

I'm fairly broke at the moment, even after payday for some reason, so it was a quick trip to Primark and New look for a couple of holiday essentials. Here's what I came out with!

That is going to have to be IT for shopping until London Fashion Week, or at least until next payday (whole month away, boohoo...)

In the meantime I'll be spending my time working (natch) and hopefully when my proper internet arrives, rewatching all of Arrested Development for the fourth time.

Till then xo

Monday, 13 August 2012

New outfits new outfits

So I went into Southampton to return some boots, and ended up using my birthday vouchers and more on new outfits...but hey, it meant a whole outfit only cost me £2.90 technically!!

Here they are, enjoy!

This it the technically cheap outfit... All from topshop (in the changing room, natch) - I've wanted a black leather jacket for ages, I have a brown one but it clashes with a lot of my shoes. This one isn't real leather either but I don't mind because its so pertttyyy.

Any opinions on the outfit would be greatly appreciated, Im a little unsure if the skirt goes but really like it.

I've also been very bored inbetween work lately with lack of tv and proper internet, so have decided to start getting creative again. For starters I made this floral headband, by just buying a buch of fabric flowers and attaching them to a black headband. Simples.

And here are a couple of other new bits I got in the Grand Shop today; h&m black tunic and h&m low platforms, with my homemade floral headband.

I was happy to find some wedges I can actually walk in, and they seem to go with most things.I also bought a wine/oxblood coloured pullover jumper (not pictured here) which I will take photos of soon. I've already decided what sort of things I want to be wearing for winter - dark, earthy tones but still with lots of fabric flowers. I'm also looking at more pullover jumpers to go with jersey high waisted skirts and shorts, with vintage esque boots and jackets and even darker lipsticks. The boots I returned (because they broke) I intend to get again (and hopefully they wont break again!) as they were just beautiful, have a pic;

After the whole hair dilemna, and even contemplating going pink at one stage, I think I will stay dark for winter! maybe next summer though...

I've also been busy watching lots of films, again due to the boredom, and a friend lent me 'An Education'. I love it! I've already watched it twice, and am Cary Mulligan's newest fan. Help.

Oh and before I go, one last outfit picture. I got the top a couple of weeks ago but have been struggling to find things that would go with it, opinions please!

Peace and love xo

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Patterns of Fairytales

Today's outfit!
My new topshop skirt came which I loooove; it's one of only three maxi skirts I own, and I've only actually worn one of them ONCE before. I wasn't sure if it would suit me, but I think because its shorter at the front it works better....I am quite a short person... Anyway, I actually really like it and just wore it with a simple black tube top and gold earrings :)

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Just sharing what Im wearing today.
New Miss Selfridge printed skater skirt, Topshop black crop top and charity shop cardigan. Necklaces are from Urban Outfitters and Miss Selfridge. Sorry for the messy room! 
Off to work tarrah xo

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Hello all,

I apologise for lack of posts as I've been crazy busy with work again. I'm going part time soon though, which means more time for fun things like this!

The end of July brought my birthday which meant many treats (yay!) particular favourites included the 3 cakes (one caterpillar cake, oh yes), the PINK cambridge satchel company personalised satchel (!!!) which I'll take pictures of once I start using it, and Comme Des Garcons springforms. I am a very lucky girl.

Here is a picture of the springforms which I picked up in France with my dad, we went on a little roadtrip round the North - don't remember if I wrote about it or not, but got to see a great photography exhibition at the Grand Palais, another great one at the Musee d'Art Moderne, and see the pompidou again. We also ate many tasty things, finally got the hang of the French Metro, and stayed in some lovely places.

Shoes & Snippets of France

I accidentally found myself browsing the latest of the Topshop and Miss Selfridge sales online, and also accidentally spent my paycheck before I actually got it.Will post the topshop stuff tomorrow, I bought a beautiful print dress from Miss Selfridge which didn't fit, so I exchanged it for this two pieces outfit which I am in LOVE with.

I am planning to buy some low black platform wedges from h&m to go with it, as I can't walk in mine. oh.

Although I've been working, Summer has also brought some wonderful days including late night beach trips, swimming in the Winchester water meadows (Sometimes I love this place) and trips to the zoo! Have a couple of pictures.

Till tomorrow xo