Thursday, 26 May 2016

Kickstarter Campaign Launch!


I’m absolutely over the moon to announce that my Kickstarter Campaign for my printed jewellery has finally been launched! I’ve worked so so hard on my products and on the campaign, so I really hope you like it. There’s absolutely tons of information in the campaign so I won’t repeat it all here, but please do check it out and if you like it please share! I’m pretty nervous that I won’t hit my target but I’m staying hopeful :) I couldn’t have done it without the help of my family and friends, especially Charlie who shot and edited the video, Fran and Alex who helped with the vector files, and Livi, Annie, Caitlin and Fran for helping me proofread a million times over.

I guess now…I’ll let the campaign speak for itself. If you have any questions PLEASE ask! The rewards state that the selection of the prints on the earrings and necklaces will be random, but feel free to email me with your preference and I will do my best to get you sent one that you want :)

Lots of love always <3 xxxxxxxx

Monday, 18 April 2016

A quick update...

I AM SO SORRY my lovely followers for not posting in about 3 weeks. First I was ill, but now things have just been whirlwind crazy. I've started a new job which I love, as well as still continuing with my old job, and I've been working on my own artwork and jewellery too.

I'm taking a tiny break from outfit and fashion posts for the moment (unless I happen to wear something particularly exciting one day - unlikely for now!) to focus on the next chapter right now. As some of you who follow me on instagram/facebook may know, I've been working on creating my own jewellery from my art prints, as well creating new products to add to my Etsy page. It's taken about 6 months of experimenting but I am getting closer to reaching a final product - and once I do I am SO excited to share it all with you.

In the meantime there are new works on my Etsy which I'd love if you had a peek at :) I'm selling the below prints for £8, and a bunch of other stuff tooooo.

Sorry that I can't share more right now, but I still love youuuu loads, and when I have some time I've got some tasty recipe posts to put up too :) Here's a sneak peek:

much love till next time - which hopefully won't be as long! xxxx

Monday, 21 March 2016

Sunset Shades

Hello lovelies, just a quickie post today because I'm suffering with a possible kidney infection and need to get back to resting!

Even though the sun wasn't out over the weekend, I was definitely feeling the Spring-time vibes. And trust me, for England this cloudy weather is actually GOOD for March - at least it isn't snowing yet... however, it was still bright enough for me to give my new Powder UK 'Kim' sunglasses an outing. I don't usually go for sunglasses with colours, but next to the brown tortoiseshell lenses they have these lovely dusty pink coloured sides which against my new hair, I of course LOVED. It gave them something just a little bit different.

I am aware that the jacket and my hair is clash city big time, it's almost painful. But you know what I still kind of like it, and I'm not about to stop wearing bright colours any time soon. This faux suede jacket from Missguided is so ridiculously soft for the fake stuff, and it goes with pretty much anything and the thickness is perfect for this inbetween weather - such a practical (ish) purchase. I wore it against a Topshop printed blouse with similar red tones (thought I might as well try to match a little bit) and plain black jeans. Keeping it pretty caaaaasual.

I'm not sure about the lipstick, it's the darkest I've ever worn and it does make me look quite pale - although that could be the sickness... however I'm gonna give it another go, perhaps the biker jacket was just making me feel sort of badass. It's still one of my favourite ever liquid lipsticks because the formula is insane - velvetines by Lime Crime - they glide on like butter, and stick like glue.

I've also been updating my Etsy and Society6 shop pages for anyone who wants to buy some art! Check them out, I've been creating some new designs while I've been sick in bed, and also practicing my photography skills... here's a sneak peek of what you can buy:

Limited Edition Screen Print - £15

Greeting Card - £2

Greeting Card - £2

Tote Bag - £8

That's all for now! xxx

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Crazy Bear

Hello everyone! Super long photo post alert...

I hope you've all had a good couple of weeks, apologies for once again being super busy and finding it difficult to post as often as I should! This weekend Charlie and I went away for our anniversary, and of course I couldn't help getting all artsy (and bossy) with some outfit photos - especially once I saw the interior of the hotel we were staying in - PURE HEAVEN. I honestly have never seen anything like it. Nestled inside quaint Beaconsfield, hidden in cottages and converted barns is the breathtaking Crazy Bear Hotel.

Each suite is decorated in a completely unique way, and it's total luck of the draw - you genuinely don't know what you'll get until you arrive. I squealed for a solid 10 minutes once we were given the key and shown our room, and even fell over (seriously) - indulgence to the extreme. Leather floors, ornate golden bed and headboards, flatscreen tv, giant wet room shower, velvet curtains....and the best bit of all - a giant copper bath tub in the middle of the room. That fills up from the ceiling. I kid you not.

I'd never had room service before so you can imagine the novelty of that kicked in pretty swiftly, and we basically gorged ourselves the entire weekend and lazed around in robes. Seared tuna sashimi, mini Aberdeen Angus fillet burgers, giant tamarind monkfish prawns in the Thai restaurant at night, and apple pie and bellinis delivered straight to the door. It was heaven. I ate pudding and watched tv INSIDE a massive bubbly bath tub. We did get a quick glance at the pool and Moroccan lounge (see pics below!) but unfortunately it was too freezing outside to even contemplate stepping inside the water - even though it was heated. I want to mention as well that the service was excellent - we hadn't heard great reviews so were a little nervous about that, but the staff were all lovely and super accommodating.

I decided I want to live there so am going to have to win the lottery okay - there's no other way. No. Other. Way. Anyway, it was a beeaaautiful lovely weekend and I am over the moon and incredibly grateful to have been taken somewhere so unique and exciting. Of course, now that I've had a taste of the high life, it will be difficult to go back... (she says, currently typing away at her secretary day job, nibbling a crusty sandwich for lunch). Sigh...

Obviously I had to do a cheeky outfit shoot while we were there (much to Charlie's dismay #boyfriendsofinstagram lolol), but I got some decent snaps of the food and decor too, as well as the craze-mazing ceiling-filling bathtub - infact, I took way too many - but enjoy! Also, I didn't really realise this until I posted the pictures, but apparently the velvet-y luxe decor of the hotel had me feeling all risqueeeee for my photoshoot. muaha.

  Sigh, till next time you Crazy Bear.... xxx