Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Mambo Italiano..

HI everyone!

Another short and sweet post because I am super busy trying to get my life together ahhhh the eternal struggle...

I just got back from a romantic trip to Milan with my pal Charley where we spent most of the time eating chocolate fondue and sitting in jacuzzis. I know, in Valentine's week too... anyway, we arranged months ago to visit QC Terme Milano in Italy - a spa that we accidentally stumbled across while interrailing two years ago. And let me tell you, it is SOMETHING ELSE. We literally planned this trip around the spa (I'm not a middle aged housewife I promise).

First of all, it's ridiculously cheap for a super luxurious experience - £30 for 5.30pm entry until it closes at 10.30pm, and fancier than any spas I've ever visited in the UK. Once you're in, you have your choice of about 10 different types of jacuzzis and underground water rooms including rain tables and foot scrubs. Then upstairs you have themed relaxation rooms and the 'theatre of wonders' which is basically a super relaxing big dark room with giant beanbags and nests and a fire and ahhhh. Let's not forget the UNLIMITED buffet, which before 7pm consists of fruit, vegetables, croissants, cereal, yoghurts and light snacks, and after 7pm is full of savoury canapes, unlimited prosecco, and of course chocolate and fruit fondue. I can't stop talking/thinking/dreaming about this place. For reals.
Sorry for the bad quality of the spa pics, I wasn't actually allowed to take photos so had to be sly on my phone. Oops.

The rest of the two-day trip was basically spent inside Sephora (where dreams come true, and back accounts weep) and right on top of the Duomo Cathedral trying not to collapse out of fear. We also got to experience one of the most amazing meals I've ever had; we visited an Argentinian restaurant that greeted us with Sangria and soup, and served up one of the best fillets of steak I've ever consumed. Oh happy days.

And of course, I couldn't miss the opportunity to take a few outfit photos around such beautiful scenery, wearing my colourful printed Zara coat and wrapped up to keep from freezing in the Italian breeze...

I'll be doing a review and some photos of my Sephora goodies some time very soon!
Hope you like the pics, sorry but I have to daaaassshhh love to all xxx