Friday, 9 October 2015

Palma De Mallorca

Good evening from Palma! I'll be here for about a week so expect an influx of photo spam, these next few blog posts will be mostly photo led anyway because my brain needs a break, and that's why I'm here. Unfortunately Charlie's been ill, so we've spent the first day relaxing and watching episodes of Bob's Burgers on the sofa - alternating with a few casual sunshine-soaked walks around the square by the flat. We've already made friends with some local kitties, and I took these outfit photos to entertain myself while Charlie's resting, so a somewhat productive day if you REALLY think about it.


I bought this skirt in the Summer and never actually got round to wearing it, but it's perfect for the warm mid-Autumn weather here in Mallorca. I'm getting more and more excited about bold prints, I've even started - dare I say it - clashing. As well as the skirt, the bralet top is from Topshop. For some reason I was desperate for something powder blue to wear with the skirt and this was the perfect colour. Out of the selection of light blues I found in my wardrobe, it was definitely one of the braver items for me to go for, personally... I normally never ever ever ever wear strapless bras or go braless (curse of the curvy girl) but a large part of me really wants to increase my self-confidence. I've realised how important it is to start loving myself and embracing every flaw (check the Lifestyle & Wellness section on my website for the whole story), and as silly as it sounds, for some people it can start with taking a photo where you think you look good, or wearing an item of clothing you didn't have the confidence to to begin with. Baby steps, people.




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