Saturday, 3 October 2015

Dinerama & Autumn Casuals


Good morning friends and co, I've been a bit quiet this week madly preparing for holiday (YES) and organising work and financial things (NO) and also dealing with a bit of a flare up, but that just means I get more time in bed blogging now, so meh. Anyway today's post is a bit of a mixture of things! I realised most of the outfits I've posted on here are when I've been dressed up to go out somewhere exciting and there aren't quite as many actual 'everyday' looks. So, taking it right back to basics today (with what I was wearing when I realised that) with my super lazy, comfy, working-from-home-and-eating-all-day stretchy casuaaaals. I ended up wearing this out to Dinerama in the evening but I figured I'd want to still be wearing my loose stretchy clothing incase of any potential food babies.

Ta-da, my lazy look. The top/dress thing was a pressure purchase when my sister made me queue 40 minutes with her to go to a pretty nothing-y Brandy Melville half price sale - to be honest that shop was really disappointing (and again annoyed me with the whole one-size-fits-all business - this Buzzfeed article hilariously explains why, its so funny that I'm even reading it again right now) - everything was just kind of blaaah but for some reason teenage girls go mad over it. Like seriously mad. I wanted to stab everyone in the queue, it was that bad. I went into pure Dexter mode. Obviously not exaggerating. HOWEVER I'd been looking for a really comfy everyday dress sort of thing and actually quite liked this - the fabric is so ridiculously soft as well that it was worth it for a tenner.

I wore it with my go-to food baby leggings, a splash of colour (and warmth) with my baked bean beanie hat, my Beyond Retro gold elephant bag to match the top and necklace, a tartan scarf, and a big comfy vintage jumper for when it got colder later on - and I was good to go. And, good to eat. Or so I thought...

After preparing SO well for a potential food baby, I actually went home with a half empty stomach. I'd been to Street Feast before when it was in Dalston Yard and on Kingsland Road, and they were infinitely better than Dinerama on Great Eastern Street. It was just too crowded, people were blowing smoke in my face everywhere, and to be honest the selection of street food stalls was just not as good as it usually is. I grabbed the brisket roll from Smokestak which was tried and tested before, but even that let me down a little. What is normally juicy, tender, and rich pulled beef in a bbq glaze and a brioche roll was actually quite fatty and a little flavourless. Saying that, Breddo's tacos were insaaane, who'd have thought that essentially a fish finger inside a corn wrap would taste so good!? Well done, boys.

I know, I've been complaining a lot on here lately (sorry) but I think it's just me getting sort of tired of London living (and also regretting eating something that upset my delicate stomach so much - my own fault). Yes I know, I should be super grateful to live here and truly I am, but I'm just craving somewhere a little bit quieter but where there's still lots happening and still a lot of creative, fun people around. Somewhere like Brighton, or Bristol, just a bit less London-y... Anyway, to be fair Dinerama did have a pretty fun vibe and I fell in love with the beautiful decor and setting, as always. The bars were also serving up some exciting cocktails, the food selection just wasn't as great as the Dalston Yard counterpart a couple of years ago. But if you've never been, it really is fun and a little bit unusual for a chilled night out with some friends and drinks, and there were still some old favourite stalls there like Yum Bun and Bleecker St Burgers which are most definitely worth a taste. 

Enjoy some photos of me and mini me posing around Shoreditch like tourists, despite spending time here every week for the past couple of years. That's one of the reasons I love Shoreditch though, every time I go (even if it's just been a few days since the last visit) there is ALWAYS something new and exciting to see.

Dress - Brandy Melville (sale)
Hat - Topshop (ebay)
Necklace - Urban Outfitters (sale)
Bag - Beyond Retro
Jumper - Vintage Boutique in Winchester
Scarf - ASOS
Boots - ASOS

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