Monday, 21 September 2015

Monday's Inspiration

Ahhh some Monday inspiration. I should be working, so I'll keep it short...

Holy flouncing lace and mesh, Burberry. As much as I love all the crazy colourful sequin goodness of my last London Fashion Week favourites post, this is something I'd be much more likely to wear. Although preferably with something underneath all that lace, and this is all if I hypothetically won the lottery/married a millionaire/robbed a bank to be able to afford some B. Normally my style is very print-focused and quite girly, but I love the combination of this light, feminine lace with a badass edge. The chic, sleek cut silhouettes of the monochromatic tailored jackets and heavy chained sandals are a stark contrast against the delicate lace, and create an extraordinary juxtaposition of styles - resulting in one intensely beautiful look. Let's be honest, this lace against leather/tailored cuts isn't exactly anything new - but Burberry have perfected it, with every last outfit styled to perfection, creating a transcendent AW15 collection.

'Cosmology' could not be a better name for Mary Katrantzou's LFW collection. These sparkling pieces pretty much floated down the runway in an out-of-this-world fashion, an offering to the fashion gods up above I am certain of it. Did I mention that I love prints? And sequins? So prints made up entirely of sequins...yep, that's me pretty much done. Huge heart eyes, blown away. The holographic and metallic colours were a strong throwback to Summer 2014s holographic trend, only this time the colours are brighter, bigger and better and with a much darker edge. This designer is after my heart - sparkles, bright colours, and alien space goddesses - she never did get it wrong though, did she?

And now, for my non-fashion related heartthrob this afternoon. I have fallen in deep lust with the work of Henry Hargreaves, a photographer and food artist who creates visually stunning, thought-provoking pieces and seems to have a lot of fun doing it (which I've always felt is important to great work). This morning I read an article (possibly on Dazed & Confused or Konbini??) featuring his 'No Seconds' series - a collection of photographs where Hargreaves recreates the last meal of a selection of infamous death row inmates. This touched me in a way that I didn't expect; seeing the choices of favourite foods humanised these prisoners and evoked a sympathy that I didn't expect possible for people who had committed such heinous crimes, as well as sending a chill down my spine that they were once just one of us. Of course, it brings up the whole debate over the death penalty and the photographs were a way of touching upon the subject through evocative visuals, focusing on something that I doubt has ever really crossed that many peoples minds. 

Another series that grabbed me in more of a purely visual way, was Hargreaves' print series entitled 'Game Over', where iconic games lose their signature colours and become beautiful 'readymades'. Something about the simplicity of the completely smooth, delicate colours is just gorgeous and I literally cannot stop staring at these. If I had $2000 one would be up on my wall right away.

I said I would keep it short but as usual I'm incapable of doing so, apologies. Back to work! xxx

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