Friday, 25 September 2015

Embroidery & Sunset Eyes

Hello everyone!

This WILL actually be a short post this time because I've had an exhausting week and am so t i r e d. Today's featured outfit is what I chose to wear to the Jiterbugg launch event. Jiterbugg is a new platform for emerging designers where they can easily sell their work as well as blog about their pieces and connect with other fashionistas. The event itself was lovely and held at Dirty Martini in Monument - we got to meet some fab people and I got to give out my cringey new business cards...

Anyway, I was delighted to finally break out this H&M skirt after having it for a few weeks. I adore embroidery and this is just such a perfect statement piece, and for once one that I'm actually brave enough to wear. I normally wouldn't spend this much on an item of clothing to be honest (about £39) but I fell in love with this and really haven't seen anything quite like it lately. Because it's so bold I paired it with my favourite go-to top at the moment, this little floaty number from the Urban Outfitters sale. Whack on a simple gold collar and boom, good to party. Unfortunately I stupidly forgot to photograph myself with the STAR of this outfit - my mama's Lulu Guiness clutch bag. Well it's more of a purse because it's so teeny tiny, but I think it really pulled the outfit together. I've added a photo from the same night where I had it on my lap, it's just a shame you can't see it with the rest of the look.

Now, onto pictures, dinner, shower, bed. Night.

Ps. side note - last outfit post with my brown hair, as I've just had it dyed PINK! Well, to be honest it's not that pink yet as I have very dark hair and there was only so much the colour would lift with one session of bleaching. So it's kind of pink-tinged, but in a few weeks when I have bleaching part 2, hopefully it will be a lot more vibrant! Exciting. It was definitely time for a change.

I've also been learning more about alternative healing - now before you immediately close this page, I'm aware of how much I sound like a hippy quack right now and I swear that's not the case. I'll be doing a post on it in more depth soon, but it's just about more unusual but apparently highly effective ways to treat physical problems where medication just doesn't work (like my IBS) and mental issues too (like my anxiety and depression). I've never tried it myself, but I had a very inspiring talk with a friend last night and I'd love to get your further opinions on ayahausca retreats. Supposedly the plant has a chemical that opens up certain pathways in your brain and can allow for certain perspectives and viewpoints that you previously may not have experienced, and allow you to look at yourself in a whole new light and basically learn to love yourself as you do someone else, as cheesy as that sounds. Which is incredibly important for mental ailments, and it's so much more easier said than done.  Anyway more on that soon, but for now time to sleep. Night!

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