Saturday, 26 September 2015

Pink Hair & Blue Vanilla

I'm super excited to have collaborated with the lovely Blue Vanilla and Chase PR for today's outfit post. I chose Blue Vanilla's gorgeous monochrome poncho because although I normally don't go for bright aztec prints, I love navajo in black and white (especially with all those tassels that are bang on trend right now) and I definitely wanted to experiment with a new look to match my new locks. This piece is the perfect cosy yet stylish cover up for this in-between weather we're having - transitioning from Summer to Autumn to inevitably the bitter Winter in styyyyle.

As beautiful as they are, ponchos can  sometimes be quite difficult to style because of their shape, but I think I FINALLY nailed it! A plain, cream, embroidered long sleeved dress was perfect as the ends of the sleeves poked out of the sides of the poncho giving you a glimpse of the floaty outfit below, and the length of the dress matched the length of the poncho perfectly. As the poncho has quite a loud print I felt it was better to wear something subtle underneath, and the contrast of the delicate embroidery with the vibrant aztec print created a lovely contrast.  I normally struggle with outerwear during Autumn; a denim jacket is too light, and my furry or wool coats are just too heavy and I end up being a sweaty mess on the tube. Enter, poncho! Because it's obviously not as restricting as tight jacket sleeves, it feels much lighter but it's also great to snuggle up inside for warmth (especially this one which is super soft and thick). Plus, it's really fun to run around with and swish all the tassles everywhere. Which I did end up doing, for a good hour. Seriously. 

As for my accessories, well - you can tell I clearly wanted to play up my new pink hair! I also wanted to wear something quite brave on my head to match the brave print of the poncho, and even though floral crowns are quite Summery I love wearing them all year round and they again added to the girly hippy/aztec contrast I'd concocted. I was dubious at first, but I ended up really embracing this unusual mix. Finished off with some black and white heeled sandals to tie together the colours of the poncho and emphasise the pink (I didn't expect the grass to be so wet, apologies for muddy toes) and done! Happy as a clam. Check out Blue Vanilla's stuff here, I'm already eyeing up my next purchase (hurry up payday...)

And now I'm snuggled up in my comfy poncho watching The League (a new obsession) and blogging away. I'm also anticipating a warm bath with some newly purchased eucalyptus oil from Holland and Barratt. I swear, baths are just not the same without some relaxing scents and tealights dotted around. Anyway, I'm heading to London Fashion Weekend tomorrow so I'm sure a post will be up about that VERY soon! Till next time x

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