Thursday, 17 September 2015

Dismaland & Sequin Fantasies

So today's post is slightly different - I actually took these outfit photos last year but for some reason they never saw the light of day. So here they are! As you can tell I'm featuring this gorgeous vintage beaded vest which I borrowed from my lovely friend Izzy at uni, and we just always forget to trade back our clothes swaps.

I don't have too much to say about this to be honest, except that I wanted to feature it today because I have sequins on the brain. I was meant to be going to see Rocky Horror being streamed live to Everyman Cinema in Hampstead and I was all set to dress up like Columbia in a rainbow sequin dress with pink hair, but surprise surprise I am too sick to go. Absolutely gutting, but my brain is still filled with glitter and alien transvestite clothing so there you go - sequin vest, perfect accessory. I also wore this little number when I dressed up to see Rocky Horror live in Brighton a few years ago. It was definitely understated compared to what some of the other audience members were wearing!

So despite feeling a bit blue that I can't go to the show, I'm still fantasising about my glittery costumes and hope I can break out this vintage beauty again soon.

In the meantime I'll also share some photos from my trip to Banksy's 'Dismaland' yesterday. Wow. Oh wow. I knew it was going to be good but nothing could have prepared me for such a wonderfully, truly truly dismal experience. The attention to detail in Banksy's work is incredible and this was no exception - from the rude, distant staff creating an 'unforgettable' theme park experience to the custom made 'Dismaland' fliers (which weren't actually seen anywhere else) seen only at the bottom of the lake, this show kept giving and giving and giving. It was a small place but you continously notice even very tiny things that just keep you grinning the whole day.

Yes, there were long queues, yes it was pouring with rain, and yes the staff were super shitty, but this was of course the point (although the rain seemed to be luck on Banksy's park). And yet, it couldn't have been better. An array of political statements more extreme than the next, the visuals of the show were enticing and at times, hilarious. Although I loved the gimicky satirical elements like being photoshopped laughing into a scene of Cinderella's crashed pumpkin (reminiscent of Lady Di's crash) I have to say the actual art exhibition section was my favourite. A selection of astounding works from a whole range of artists, it was here that you could really appreciate Banksy's genuine artistic talent.

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go and visit this wonderful installation, I don't think my pictures do it just justice!

Standing out in the rain enjoying the dismal park was probably what made me sick, but to be honest it was totally worth it. Now back to my sick bed... xxx

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