Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Hippy Flares & Florals

Hello everyone! Blogging at you from the lovely little Clifton Village in Bristol today where I'm staying with Charlie for our getaway from London at his parents place. Of course my suitcase was packed full to bursting so I couldn't bring my DSLR, so excuse the quality of some of these pictures. Still though, iPhone does preeeetty well.

I've been dying to get these flared florals out for ages but for some reason I just haven't yet; and of course when I finally get down to my lovely Summer gear it starts to RAIN (hence the change into a warmer long sleeved top from my original pre-photo floaty cream number). However, they feel so lovely and comfy and swishy that I couldn't care less that the weather sucked!

I don't normally go for trousers at all - I generally stick to my girly skirts and dresses or cosy leggings, but to be honest these are probably the girliest trousers that ever existed anyway and I love feeling like a hippy flowery princess. They are so ridiculously comfy that I think loose fit trousers may be a new personal trend of mine for AW15 - sassy, chic, stylish and above all comfortable (which in my ripe old age of 23 is becoming very important to me) - hitting the nail on the HEAD. I picked up this pair in the Zara sale a couple of months ago for £10 which is a bargain to be proud of, and can we appreciate for a moment how well they match these little garden gnomes!?

I've also rediscovered my obsession with tassels which seem to be everywhere at the moment - I am feeling big things for tassels, suede and patchwork for this season most definitely...but more on that later. This bag was a very recent purchase and I have to say I've already gotten my money's worth - it goes with absolutely everything and can add a fun quirk to a toned down outfit or a hippy flair to a pattern clashing ensemble.

Trousers - Zara (sale)
Top - H&M
Bag - H&M
Trainers - Topshop (sale)
Ring Bracelet - Primark

The rest of the day was spent at the adorable Bristol zoo round the corner from Charlie's house. As much as I love London zoo and their conservation work, the animal sanctuaries are much more spread out in Bristol and you can't help but feel that they seem a bit happier! Also, Bristol zoo has bats. And I LOVE BATS. Cute little furry bunnies with wings basically, what's not to love.

Well, I am absolutely drained from a day at Banksy's Dismaland which I'll be blogging about very shortly, but until then zzzzzzz.... 


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