Friday, 18 September 2015

Acid Green Daydream - London Fashion Week

Right now I'm struggling to sleep so it is the peeerfect time to browse some of the new SS16 collections that have been stomping down the catwalk at London Fashion Week. I was beyond THRILLED to see one of my favourite budding designers Molly Goddard showing work this year. 

This season the designer has combined her signature tulle ruffles with sleeker cut silhouettes, gingham prints and some even more vibrant colours than usual, showing off an array of dresses that combine a punk inspiration with girly milkshake decadence. Anything sheer, mesh, pastel or brightly coloured always wins my heart immediately, and Goddard ticks all the boxes. Last year I bought a handmade sheer neon green midi dress from an independant designer through depop, and I may have to break it out to LFW this year as my own little tribute to Goddard's translucent acid green daydream. I've been following this designer for a couple of years and she's definitely one to watch - how can anyone else make pastel tulle party dresses so relevant throughout the seasons!?

I couldn't agree with Vogue more as they sum up the blossoming designers vision;

"The fire behind one of London's most spirited new designers is certainly burning bright: The girlish frou-frou that she does so well is at home within a fashion season once again dedicated to homespun yarns, frills and youthful volume - and her new, wearable shapes are poised to reach a growing audience eager to get Goddard's playful look on days (rainy or otherwise) when there isn't a party to go to." - Vogue, Sept 2015.

Speaking of bright colours and ruffles, another one to watch is South London based designer Clio Peppiatt - I'm dying to see what she breaks out on this seasons runway. Sassy doesn't even cover it, I'm obsessed with her clashing prints, glitter and insane colours and wish I was brave enough to wear something like this every. Single. Day. Stay tuned!

I've been lucky enough to have been invited to a couple of collection launches this week as well as the launch of the new fashion marketplace Jiterbugg and of course London Fashion Weekend, (be still my beating bank account...) so keep an eye out as I viciously blog my way through some events that promise to be nothing but a dream - insert big heart eyes -.

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