Thursday, 14 March 2013

Crown & Glory Interview

Something to keep your keen fashion eye on this Spring is definitely the up and coming head wear brand, Crown and Glory. Bursting with a huge range of styles, they offer the now must-have head candy of charming floral crowns, edgy glitter barrettes, quirky leather bows, and gorgeous printed head scarves - definitely the ones to watch as they begin to make an appearance in an increasing amount of online stores and fashion magazines, including Grazia, Teen Vogue, Company, More, and Cosmopolitan.
Being a lover of all things pretty and pastel, personal favourites of mine are the Not a Lotta Rosie and Whole Lotta Rosie floral crowns, displaying a beautiful row of delicately coloured roses on a subtle and easy to wear headband. Now with a new range for Spring, I haven't been able to stop myself ordering lilac, blush pink, and hopefully soon mixed Ice Cream and Cream colours too! Not only for pastel princesses, with darker wine, turquoise and deep black roses, these irresistible accessories are being sported by celebrities, fashion bloggers and models more and more and are becoming an essential must have for any Spring time fashionista.
Designer Sophie was able to spare a few minutes of her busy schedule for a few insider questions! See below for interview!

What first inspired you to start making the headwear?

Truthfully, I'm not ashamed to say that I have a large head. There, I said it. My name is Sophie and I have a big bonce! When I first started out, not only was there a distinct lack of pretty headwear available but everything seemed to come on a headband! I started making clips, bobby pins and crowns to compensate for the aforementioned affliction.

Are you influenced by any particular celebrities or styles?

I like to think that my designs are trend led but still retain the initial expression of whimsy, pretty and fun. Early Florence Welch and Pixie Lott are definite references, I also like to coin the phrase; 'What Would Lana Do?' if I worry that a piece is a bit big and show offy! 

Do you ever create a new look with a particular person in mind?

There are a handful of fashion bloggers I consider to be the typical 'Crown and Glory girl' and as such, I often to listen to their requests to tweak a size, a colour or a design in a particular way - they're a demanding bunch! ;)

What is your all time favourite piece?

Oh I'm not allowed favourites! I love to wear the butterflies as they always get compliments, but probably wear my glitter bows more

And finally, personal recommendations for Spring?

Pastels, pastels pastels and 50s sundresses and anything with a flamingo or unicorn on and freckles and sunkissed shoulders and oh my God I can't wait for it to get warm!

Keep an eye out for some lookbook & outfit photos of me styling my lovely Crown and Glory headwear :) x
photos c/o Crown and Glory


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