Monday, 11 March 2013

Two times lucky..

What a lucky girl I was last week! Not only did I get to try lobster for the second time, but managed to wrangle myself a THIRD only a matter of days later - thats right! I went to London for the day with my dad to see the new Manet exhibition, then he treated us to a lunch at Burger Lobster. I had never heard of this place before but it is AMAZING. It's a chic taste on the classic diner, and basically there is no menu - they either sell a burger - with a choice of cheese/bacon/salad etc, or a grilled lobster or lobster in a toasted brioche sandwich. Everything is the same price so you'd be a darn food not to pick the lobster, which we did of course. My dad had been before and recommended I try the brioche roll, and I'm so so glad I did. 

It came on a tray with a can of delicious skinny fries and a nicely dressed little salad (which I'm sure I'd like if I liked to eat salad), and consisted of two slices of toasted brioche bread, absolutely crammed full of tender pieces of lobster and a decent amount of Japenese mayo. You definitely got what you paid for in terms of quantity and quality, it was the perfect sandwich! Taking the menu away from a restaurant and leaving you with only two choices is actually a great idea; there's no faffing about with what to have, whether you'll like the flavours, what will be healthy, what is too expensive or not. It's just good quality, well made, but fairly simple lobster (the best way to have it) or burger. The staff were lovely and very helpful, our food came ridiculously quickly (which normally I'd be skeptical about but was worth it this time) 100% definitely worth a visit :)


  1. oh wow. lobster in a roll??? I live here - why haven't i tried this, amazing!
    Hope you enjoyed the trip!

  2. i think im hungry but that seemed delicious, yumm

  3. Brioche rolls are clearly the best rolls! :)
    Looks so good!

  4. Looks amazing yum x

    ide love if you checked my blog! xx

  5. Mmm these looks delicious!