Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sunday's Pretty Icons

On Sunday Sam and I went on a little trip into town, to see galleries and more importantly the Natural History Museum (again). I saw the Man Ray exhibit which was great but I don't really want to write about as I already do enough of that sort of thing for my degree!! We just love dinosaurs though. And Science. Oh, museums... Anyway I was happy to wear my Cambridge Satchel Company engraved (with initials - M G) pink satchel which was last years birthday present - which for some reason I have only used twice! I'm not too sure why because I'm pretty much in love with it, but will definitely be using it more when its time for Spring pastels. Pastels eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Wearing my new topshop dress in the picture, its a shame my coat is covering up the rest of it but I absolutely love it too, I'll hopefully get a picture up of it soon. I'm starting to really like all these new prints that are coming out for Spring, I'm not a huge fan of the 'comic' flourescent spots and commanding statement stripes, but the floral (obviously) prints and more delicate patterns and colours really create more of a unique look for Spring when we're used to just seeing pastels and lace. (Not that I'm complaining about that). I actually think the whole 'Arthaus' thing looks quite good when coupled with some more delicate, simple pieces.

A few Spring wishes:

All by Topshop except Polka dot shirt, Miss Selfridge.

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