Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Floral Fancies

Although the weather may appear to be getting better, I haven't been duped and have still been in thick knits, heavy coats, and LAYERS upon layers. Last Saturday was an exception when I donned a slightly more Summery style, playing with Autumnal maroons and golds. It meant I was able to finally give my red roses hand made headband an outing, and I found it matched beautifully with the colours and prints. I love anything floral but am trying to wait till the weather gets a bit more Spring-time-ier to bust 'em out, but till then darker  florals will do.

My lookbook and blog photos have never been particularly wonderful as I don't know too much about photography or editing myself, but my boyfriend offered to be my two-day lookbook fashion photographer - you can find his wonderful portfolio here. We were just messing around in his room looking for props to play with for the photographs and things for me to wear with my outfit - there were a few images of me layering Aztec shirts and beanie hats, which will not be making an appearance on this blog!

For now, enjoy the few that made the cut...

Hope you like them, I'll hopefully be getting creative again soon and will have some more DIY things to share with you beautiful people.


  1. I'm not a beautiful person, but I admire you creativity nevertheless.