Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Winter Winds

Today's outfit is a little different... After spending hours last night browsing the internet, in particular fashion blogs, I came across some images that inspired me. I was amazed by Megan McMinn's (TheBriarRoseBlog) hairstyle shoot in Company magazine - having only seen her personal lookbook images, although I had no doubt she was a beautiful girl, I didn't quite realise the extent of her model potential. The striking colours and combinations of patterns in particular grabbed me, and has made me desperate to start wearing colourful summer clothes and being a little more outrageous with my wardrobe. Although her gorgeous hair colour definitely adds to this, I felt I'd give it a go and one image in particular (left) made me want to style something slightly different this morning. Noticing that I infact had the same cream lace top in the picture, from Kimchi & Blue at Urban Outfitters (at least I think it is), I decided to style something similar and experiment with overlaying different patterns and colours to create a slightly more unusual look.

Unfortunately I have no short sleeved collared tops (a fact which I plan to change soon!) but wore it over a simple polka dot dress that complimented the shape of the tshirt. The bright blue colour shone nicely through the lace and the polka dots were not lost, despite being a similar cream colour. Being inspired by the picture I decided to also accessorize with some bright, chunky costume jewelerry - however, I had to improvise. I don't own any hugely extravagant pieces of jewelerry but paired two very colourful necklaces together to make an illusion of sorts!

It's hard being an art student because everything I wear into uni gets covered in paint, so weekends tend to be my time to play and have some fun with what I'm wearing. Although SS13 will no doubt be full of pastel shades and lace (I love this time of year), I'm hoping to brighten things up a bit when I get the money...

That's all for now xo


  1. I don't think you know how much I adore you

    1. Thanks Milex! :) my biggest fan hahaha