Thursday, 5 July 2012

Only in Snorbs...

Morning all, just a quick post to tell you about last nights festivities. We went to the folk street festival party thing near my hometown, and it was quite something. Morris dancers as far as the eye could see, bbqs at every single pub, and my old school teacher performing in his band completely hammered. bbqs at every single pub doesn't sound so exciting, but where I live actually has the most pubs per square foot than anywhere else in ENGLAND (apparently), meaning lots of food omnomnomnom. I was also pleased that it appeared to be Pimms O'Clock! Mmmmmm, Summer has truly begun. Anyway it was lovely to see my friends and a bunch of the guys who I hadn't seen in aaages came down for a catch up which was really nice, and we've all been roped into going dancing with them on Friday. Not to the classiest of places, but hey. Enjoy some pictures!

The second image is me with my friends Maddie and Charley, then Charley and Jess in the bottom one. awh.

Oh also this is what I wore yesterday just incase any of you were wondering:

Pretty much most the outfit is from topshop (shamefully), but I've decided it is going to be one of my Paris outfits! (I feel all sort of classy and French with the hat, you know...)

ciao xo