Friday, 6 July 2012

Candy Coated Dream

Evening all,

Just dropping by to share latest purchase. I've wanted some heeled boots for a reaaaally long time and they've always been ridiculous expensive or completely impractical (i.e. I can't walk in them whatsoever) but today, miracle of miracles, I stumbled across a pair in the Zara sale. There was only one pair left, in my size....fate eh....
Anyway basically I pretty much love them loads and loads even though they hurt a bit, so have a picture of them on my feet.

I'm also wearing them in my latest lookbook, so go and have a gander. I'm going to France on a mini roadtrip next week so am currently planning outfits (what a sad life eh) and these have definitely made the cut...

Also have a picture of a cake I made today for my dad. He doesnt eat cake but my mum wanted one to put candles in etc, so I made him a cake disguised as his favourite dessert - Muller yoghurts. Haaaaa.

I also made my friend Deano a birthday cake but forgot to take a picture, it is probably all in their bellies now :( Had a lovely evening though, went out for a meal with the boys for his birthday which is always fun, I do love them. Then went and saw some other friends at the pub for an evening of hysterical giggling and merriment - I love them lots also. Natch. Sleepy, can't construct proper sentences, hurhhhhh, niiiiight xo

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  1. love the shoes!!

    I follow you :)