Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Funeral Beat

Morning all,

Just stopped by this morning to share my outfit of the day, i.e. just what I am wearing today.

I'm aware I'm in a pretty foolish position, but hey. I was trying to be creative! Anyway the collar is my new one from yesterday which I loooove, and it hasn't broken like the flimsy Miss Selfridge beaded one I had and HADN'T EVEN WORN YET. I know. Crop top was from the Topshop sale many a year ago, and skirt is from a vintage shop (possibly beyond retro?). Sunglasses were purchased from h&m on Sunday's London Day, altogether the whole outfit (accessories included) only cost me £34.99 which I think is pretty damn good! The colours aren't great in the photo, but the floral patterns are almost identical in person, just the skirt having a much larger print than the top. The top and skirt are also almost the exact same shade of navy in person. I know it's a lot of floral print but I thought the clashing almost sort of worked, especially with the colours/patterns being virtually the same. Anyway, I sort of just wore this top because I wanted a collared tshirt to wear my beautiful new collar necklace with :) As it turns out my afternoon plans have been cancelled...all that effort for nada, bah....

cheerio sweets xo

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