Monday, 2 July 2012

Hello one and all!

Here is the update blog post, as promised. As mentioned I've been crazy busy with work but now have a week off before travelling to la belle France, so yeah. Here we are. In May I started work as a chef at Jamie Oliver's new restaurant in Winchester - it has been one of the craziest months of my life. It began with rapping, playdough, handcuffs and singalongs, and has progressed to table dancing, pizza moulding and hickey count charts.There have been tears, laughter, many many cuts and burns and I have learnt a ridiculous amount. Sometimes it gets a little tough but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything, and I think I'm finally starting to improve haha! I love the people I work with too, most shifts I'm doubled over crying with laughter. Sweethearts, too! Just because I want to rub everyone's nose in it (ha) enjoy a picture of us with the man himself! (if I haven't already posted it?)

I've got so much stuff to catch you up on, that it's probably going to go in no particular order. I've also been shopping a lot lately (payday woohoo!) which has been dangerous for my bank account, and possibly also dangerous for my health. But the sales are on, so... I don't even remember when I last posted pictures of clothes or things I bought, so I'm just going to start again with today. I went to 'Outfit' and stocked up on super cheap jewelerry - I'm loving chunky things right now, big gold earrings and rings, and delicately decorated collars. I also really like the pastels that seem to be everywhere still, candy coloured skulls mmmmm.

Also, simply because it happened today, I got something else really wonderful! My gran had been clearing out her house and came across these beautiful old treasures....a collection of the Salvador Dali perfumes. Combination of two great things - a brilliant artist and style, perfecto.

With everything else fashion wise, I will probably just post them as I wear them, as I tend to take lookbook outfit photos anyway...and I'll lose track. The photo below was my lookbook photo from yesterdat - the grey lace dress and hat I picked up froma  Topshop outlet store, and let me tell you - one of the most wonderous places on earth. for fashion crazed people like myself. Found some perfect pieces there, all for a fraction of the price! Managed to get my hands on the dress and hat, pink cardigan and metallic silver pleated skirt. I've also decided I definitely want to become a hat person, so am well and truly putting that into practice.

 I even got a hat compliment from a lady who worked at the Saatchi gallery yesterday! Jude and I had one of our lovely London days, going round Brick Lane and ending up in Oxford Street. Here's a couple of pics we took at the Saatchi (art is so serious, you know)

Right at home, natch.... I'm so funny.

The lookbook above is just from today, the metallic shoes are from the urban outfitters sale (I didnt think I liked metallic but have started to?) and the bag is from the Miss Selfridge sale, I've been wanting one like that for a while :)

OH THATS RIGHT, I have just remembered the BIG (possibly) news. Big for me anyway. I've decided (or still thinking about the idea) that I want to go much lighter (hair wise), to a sort of honey/really really dirty dark blonde colour. I may look like a bellend which is why I'm still desperate for opinions (feel free to add input!), but I've wanted to go lighter for quite a while and now seems to be a good time for big changes. The world is your oyster etc etc etc...
These are possible hair-inspiration pictures (colour wise, but not style wise):

I'm trying to think of what else has been happening, but honestly SO MUCH has been happening that it is hard to know where to carry on from. Little bits of news may pop up from time to time, that I have forgotten to share, but to be honest none of it is likely to be very exciting to anyone other than me! So in the meantime, have a picture of a cake I baked for my little sisters 14th birthday today. She's becoming a little fashion queen... (taking after her big sis, obvs.)

To finish off (thats all I can remember for now), have some tunes. I've just listened to the new Regina Spektor album, which is great. Here are a couple favourites.

tomorrow beautifuls xo

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