Tuesday, 15 November 2011

This morning I went for a run down the country road where I live, and across the fields I love. I hate exercise, I only really go for runs or walks to get to spend time there and to go exploring and find new things and places to absorb. I also used to love running in Winnal Moors but it's too far now. I mostly love spending time in the Shenley fields because there is never another person in sight, but I never feel lonely. I love how it is always foggy and the grass and sky eventually bleed together, I always pick a point on this horizon and run to it, and when I reach it I always want to go further. I always want to know what is on the other side of any hill. I have considered taking other, significant people here in the past because this place is important to me, but in the end I am always glad I have this place which I don't associate with any other people or happenings. I would post pictures so anyone reading this would understand why I adore going to these fields so much, but I am being selfish and keeping it to myself...

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