Thursday, 17 November 2011

Last night, on a whim, Sam and I went to see Death Cab For Cutie. They are one of my favourite bands but I had already seen them on the same tour in July, so wasn't too fussed if I couldn't go this time round. But I have never been so pleased with an impulse decision. The gig was amazing, they were even better the second time round and seemed just as full of energy as they were at the start of the tour, 3 months ago. Despite quite a sombre start opening to 'Bend to Squares' (although a very good song, we thought maybe he was upset because of his split with Zooey D!), Gibbard spent most of the set dancing and jumping about, and they played for 2 hours and had a 6 song encore including the full 8 minutes of Transatlanticism which was BEAUTIFUL. They even played possibly one of my favourite songs of all times - A Lack Of Color - which I was VERY very happy about as apparently Ben has only just started including it in the set list again. If the drunk people next to us hadn't been screeching and ruining the atmosphere a bit, I probably would have teared up! Also pleasantly surprised that they played a lot of my older favourites including Blacking Out The Friction, Soul Meets Body, and We Looked Like Giants. Very different set list to the gig in July where they played a lot of new stuff. I can’t believe I even considered not going, one of the best nights i’ve had in ages.

Earlier in the day Jude and I met at Liverpool Street and went to Brick Lane. Sadly I had nooo money so couldn't buy any beautiful vintage-y clothes but luckily could afford one of the famous Brick Lane bagels (splashed out a whole £1.00 on that, yep). Also ended up in UO which was surprisingly cheap considering the online stuff, another reason I am gutted that i'm broke and have quit my job (I still don't remember why...)

Anyway went out with my mum this morning to pick up some bits like underwear/socks etc (exciting, I know) and Christmas present for my little sister. But now have a nice winter scarf and gloves, i'll post pictures later.

I know this was meant to be more of a fashion blog but I'm sort of enjoying it becoming an online diary, if anything it is a nice way of me to keep track of experiences!

ciao for now x

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