Monday, 14 November 2011

Hello Sunshine

Good Morning!

This is my attempt at starting some sort of blog about things I like/things that interest me, I have already got a tumblr as well so please excuse me if I become very lazy with this... but hopefully this will be more focused on fashion (and probably food!), whereas my tumblr is more for artwork and pretty pictures haha. I think this blog will also be more for me to keep track of these things that I like, things that inspire me, fashions I admire or buy, and recipes or food dishes that I want to try and can also save for later! enjoy :)

Just incase anyone was interested my tumblr is:
and my online art portfolio is:

I thought I might as well start by saying that last night I came home from uni for reading/assessment week, and have already avoided doing any work this morning by going shopping with my mum and sister. We only went to Sainsburies and Marks and Spencers to do some food shopping, but I surprisingly managed to find a few bits in the M&S sale. It's definitely not normally my sort of thing but I was very happy to find these for cheap :)

Tassle Top

Rose Cardigan

(for some reason it looks massive there...)

(fake) Fur coat that is technically my mum's but it may happen to go missing...
(all from Marks and Spencer) Pictures of that coming soon.

And the best - Knitted innocent smoothie hat. I managed to find the one that was a bunny/cat/whatever it is!

Perhaps even better - Cherrygood to take back to uni!
Last night I stumbled across these books I bought outside Winchester Cathedral last year, I originally bought the 'Encore Heidi' to try and pick up French again, so may try and read part of it in the hope that i'll remember some of my A Level French in time for the summer road trip round France, cant wait!

I also bought my first actual paper copy of Vogue today. Maybe I'm growing up... or maybe i've just decided to already sign away any future pennies I may earn on beautiful things I can't afford.

My family also wanted me to cook them dinner/bake some cakes so I've decided to make a salmon dish, i'm thinking of trying this one nom

in a bit :) x

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