Thursday, 17 November 2011

It seems like I keep stumbling across beautiful things when I am in debt and can't spend aaaanything. These are ridiculously priced anyway but I love them all so much. This new discovery (found on another fashion blog): Bebaroque tights.

Feast your eyes

I want every single pair. Very much indeed.

Also I seemed to have missed exactly when the Versace for H&M was released online, not that I can afford it anyway, but if I could...well, these are what I would have liked!!

This was one of my favourite pieces, the pink studded dress.

Another couple of favourites:

Also loved a black pleated skirt with gold trim, and a drapey black studded dress but couldn't find any pictures of those.

The three above are quite fun, but the two piece set on the left I can't help but find incredibly tacky (the fashion snob within me is rearing its ugly head...)

There were also a few more things which were lovely but i'm in a lazy mood!

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