Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Hello everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posts recently - it's been a bit of a tricky time for me figuring out my liiiife etc. (woe is me, woe is me, break out the tiny violins) so I've been keeping distracted the best ways I know how. And it turns out that last week, the best way I knew how was by painting my face like a rainbow unicorn. I was feeling experimental, and honestly don't have much to say about this except that I actually really enjoyed doing it (that's why I got so carried away) so I'm going to try some similar looks soon, and hopefully some of them will be a little more wearable!

For this look I used a range of different palettes, but found the most effective to be my Morphe 350 and 35W palettes - the pigment on these just can't be beaten, you can see the orange on my outer eye has come out the strongest of all the colours, as well as the bronze near my hairline - both shades from the 250. For the brighter colours I used Make Up Revolution's 200 shade palette (such a dream) and although I loved the bright shades, the pigment of the matte shades didn't really come out as strong as I'd have liked it too.

For my lips I used two of my FAVOURITE new liquid lipsticks - Gerard Cosmetics in Rising Mercury (a beautiful orange-red) and Lime Crime in RAVE (electric lilac) - these two are the best I've tried so far, they have incredible staying power as well as being gorgeous in colour, and moisturising too. The third shade I wanted to be equally as bright, so I used an old Maybelline lipstick (I don't know the shade sorry!) and painted on the colour using a small lip brush, blending with my little finger.

I hope you liked this slightly more creative beauty post, keep tuned for more this week and next when I'll be in Bella Italiaaaaa!

Till next time! xx

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  1. Umm well this is amazing. Awesome work!