Saturday, 5 September 2015

Primark & Suede

After a Saturday of exploring Canary Wharf for work and building my own Birchbox in Selfridges London (more on that later), I'm sort of knackered and full of amazing goat tacos so I'll keep it short. I was trying to decide what to wear today and realised an alarming amount of my wardrobe is from Primark - so that's the theme for todays post! Primark (i.e. cheap)  e e e v e r y t h i n g.

Although I love Primark, it's no secret that the quality is usually pretty terrible and it can often look reaaaally cheap. Plastic buttons painted gold, jagged hems, loose stitching. However, there's always a few gems hiding away in there. Even better, now Selfridges has opened a small Primark pop up in the Women's High Street Fashion section - and they've actually picked out all the best key pieces for this season and don't bother with stocking the rest! It's actually styled like a real shop with some design and class, and I sort of love it. No more rifling through rails, climbing over piles of discarded jumpers and elbowing people out the way to get that one last dress in your size. The good people of Selfridges have done it all. for. us. 


I recently bought this suede feel skirt and was actually amazed at how soft it felt, it seems like surprisingly great quality for what I'm used to from Primark. Just because something didn't cost much, doesn't mean it needs to look cheap - I've even had a few people comment on it and have been knocked back when I explain where I found this cheeky secret. Similarly, I picked up the black tassel rucksack a while ago for the same reason. Although the quality doesn't feel quite as nice as the skirt, it's definitely a statement piece but still not overly obnoxious and has the potential to be from anywhere really; which I definitely like.

The jacket, well - I guess I don't have much to say about that. I mean, it's a denim jacket. It does the job and I like it. Besides, it only cost £6 and for a struggling artist that is the find of the century.

Jacket - Primark, £6
Skirt - Primark, £10
Sunglasses - Primark, £1.50
Bag - Primark, £10
Top - Primark, £6

On another note... I have a brief restaurant review to share with you. If you know me, you know how much I LOVE food but am struggling after developing allergies to cheese and tomato, as well as being intolerant to wheat and large quantities of dairy. Did you realise how many things tomato is in!? I didn't! Chilli and spag bol, burgers, pastas, meat sauces, all BBQ glazes, salads (not that I eat those let's be real), anything seasoned or in sauce basically. That's why I was SO EXCITED to be able to try the modern brisket roll and the goat taco's (which normally come in BBQ glazes or smothered in tomato salsa) at a new restaurant in Chiswick; Smokehouse.

The brisket roll was a modern take on the classic - pulled brisket seasoned with Korean spices, marinated and tender and then breaded and fried - like a croquette. Alongside this the goat tacos were covered in chipotle sauce and the chef's special green salsa - I still don't know what was in it but I am in love. I'll admit at first I wasn't sure about trying goat but who am I kidding, it was meat and it was awesome. Charlie's burger was also amazing and had a Korean flair too; medium rare beef with Korean pulled pork and a kimchee style mayo dressing. Un-bel-iev-able. The quality was excellent as was the originality of the dishes; although my stomach was a little too sensitive to finish the spicy brisket roll, I am definitely glad I tried it. And oh boy, I will be back for those tacos. Actually, I'll be back even before then because it's a gorgeous pub too and just seems like a great place to spend a lazy afternoon.

So...I guess I didn't keep that as short as I expected. I'll post about the 'build your own Birchbox' pop up soon - it was DEFINITELY worth the visit. And also I'll be complaining about how Cosmo's Fashion Fest seems great but really un-graduate friendly and expensive. Till then! x

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