Thursday, 27 August 2015

Beauty Junkie Birchbox

I LOVE getting my Birchbox in the post each month. It's so nice coming home and having a little box of beauty treats and tips sitting waiting for me to experiment with. I've previously thought about trying out other subscription boxes like the Glossybox (which sends out an amazing selection of make up samples each month) but I get so much more use out of a box that has a selection of all sorts of beauty samples like skin and body treatments, shampoos, cleansers, make up, fashion accessories, and health tools and snacks rather than just focusing on one element of beauty. The box even comes with a little leaflet telling you how to use and get the most out of your samples which is super helpful for people like me who reaaallly don't know much about beauty to begin with...

I'm normally terrible at trying new products; I stick to what I know, and never really actively try and learn more about what will suit my beauty needs more in the future. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Right!? Although there are still plenty of my samples I haven't used yet, Birchbox has actually made me really interested in the different types of products out there and subsequently I've been a lot more proactive about taking care of my beauty regime and have been really enjoying experimenting. I've normally never even heard of half of the brands in my box, but it's led me to discover some amazing products that I would never have known of otherwise. I've found myself stopping by Boots regularly to try out tons of new make up and skincare, all by mahseeeelf. It's an expensive hobby, but I'm definitely enjoying it...

The August Birchbox wasn't the best one I've received so far if I'm honest, but there were three (out of seven) products in this box that really stood out to me and I thought were worth paying the £12.95 a month for alone. Here are my August favourites:

1. Rituals Rice Scrub RRP £10

This is my absolute FAVOURITE product in the box this month - and the hefty sample size is definitely worth more than the £12.95 that I pay for the whole box. Worth it for that alone really. I have quite sensitive skin so don't usually use body exfoliators or scrubs very often, but this body scrub is made with organic rice milk and cherry blossom which makes it suuuuper calming and delicate on sensitive skin, while still gently buffing away any dryness and dead skin with small beads. I've found myself using it every time I have a bath or shower and it's still not even a third of the way empty after three weeks of use! Amazing value for money. The best thing is that when you rinse it off, the scrub reacts with the water and turns into a smoothy, milky lotion which really hydrates and moisturisers the skin and makes you feel just sooooo gooooood. It's like a two in one scrub and moisturiser really! Oh, and it smells incredible.

2. Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo RRP £13.95

HAIR DETOX. Seriously. Another very large sample size this one, and the fact that it recommends you use it only once or twice a month means it will last FOREVER. Again, I have a very sensitive scalp so am quite tentative about trying new shampoos - I just can't be dealing with scratching and scraping at a sore itchy scalp all day. Although I get the feeling that this clarifying shampoo is pretty strong (it really does feel like it's stripping the dirt and grease out of your hair), it was fine on my sensitive little head so I was glad I tried it. The shampoo doesn't lather up much which I know can put some people off because you don't FEEL like it's doing its job, but it leaves your hair with such a squeaky clean feeling afterwards that you can definitely tell it's working. Aaaaahhh you just feel so clean and lovely even just one use. If Kebelo made a gentler version that could be used more regularly I reckon it would definitely be worth investing it.

3. theBalm Balm Desert Bronzer

Another brand I hadn't heard of, but this bronzer just deserves points on how cute and tiny it is. Look at it! Although I'm guessing it wouldn't last very long on those of you who regularly want that A-List glow look, but for me it was perfect. I'm more of a blush person (English rose, my mum calls it...) but for the occasions that I want to look all fresh and tanned, this tiny little treat fits the bill. The slightly shimmery bronzer not only tans your skin ever so slightly but gives you the most beautiful, radiating glow! Dust it over your cheekbones and temples to get a really natural but effective luminous look.

If any of those have grabbed your interest you've still got a few days left to order the August Birchbox, but I'm sure next months will have some lovely Autumnal goodies too. They never fail to disappoint! Best of all, the more boxes you get, the more discounts you get in the online shop. Restrain me!!!

 Till next time :) x

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