Thursday, 21 March 2013

As readers of my blog know, lately whenever I've been making something I've been obsessing over lace and flowers. Today's craft session was no exception! It might all seem a bit frilly, but when you're making things 24/7 for your degree it's nice to do something a little lighter..

I am an awful daughter and forgot it was my parents 25th anniversary yesterday so had to think of something pretty quickly, a few friends suggested I make something for them and with £2 left in my account, I had to make do with the bits I had. I decided to make them a pretty little '25th anniversary' pouch, to keep any silver things/gifts in (25th is silver, if you hadn't already guessed).

It was fairly simple, and involved sewing two sides of a piece of material and then turning it inside out to get the 'pouch' shape. After that, it was pretty much just adding lace around the top (straightforward running stitch all along the top edge) and adding little flowers (sewn the same as buttons). The trickiest part was adding the '25', but even that wasn't too hard. All you do is cut a piece of lace/ribbon and shape it into the numbers, pinning it to hold it in place. After that you simply sew along the piece of lace/ribbon, and voila

I've got a step by step photo set again, any questions please ask!

PS. Sorry the terrible photo quality, it's so dark here...