Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Summer Skin

So Whilst \I have been planning all these winter outfits (and especially a certain outfit for a certain event...LFW 2012 yessss!!) I forgot that I did actually still need things to wear for the Summer. Although I have a stupid amount of clothes (which I'm quite ashamed about), it turns out I sold pretty much all my casual summer wear on ebay last year, without even realising.

I'm fairly broke at the moment, even after payday for some reason, so it was a quick trip to Primark and New look for a couple of holiday essentials. Here's what I came out with!

That is going to have to be IT for shopping until London Fashion Week, or at least until next payday (whole month away, boohoo...)

In the meantime I'll be spending my time working (natch) and hopefully when my proper internet arrives, rewatching all of Arrested Development for the fourth time.

Till then xo

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