Sunday, 18 March 2012

Part Two

This is part two of yesterdays post, which was too long and I was too tired to finish at the time, apologies. I also apologise in advance for not being able to construct coherent sentences...

I thought I should write a bit about seeing Laura Marling at the Southampton Guildhall (third time!) which as always, was lovely. Although she is very sweet and endearing and her voice is always amazing to listen to, I don't think anything could ever beat seeing her at Winchester cathedral. The setting of the cathedral was perfect, a really unique setting for a concert, especially as it has always been one of my favourite places in Winchester. I've met great people there, had first kisses there, explored the secret gardens and waited for work to be over. The acoustics, as you can imagine, were phenomenal and the whole atmosphere was actually a little chilling, but this just seemed to add to the music. I actually went to have a proper look inside the cathedral at the weekend and never realised how big it was! Biggest nave in Europe apparently, for anyone who is interested... Anyway, I'm talking about the wrong concert now, but basically Miss Marling blew me away once again. I was equally happy at the time because I had just purchased 109 more tealights (only enough for four weeks apparently...) and a little mouse called Beanie.

I thought I had a lot more to speak about but I've completely forgotten now...instead, have some more music I've been listening to lately..

tomorrow x

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