Saturday, 17 March 2012

All New People


I know I said last time that I would be better at this blog, but this time I really mean it. Not very much has been happening lately that I feel like writing about, apart from the previously mentioned beautiful weekend. Saturday the 25th February - possibly one of the best days I have had in a very long time.

The day started off leaving at 7am to go to London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House. I was really excited to go seeing as I missed it last year, and always really love looking at the new fashion and being really envious of the people who can afford it. It was slightly smaller than it usually is but I think it made up for it in terms of quality! Personal favourites exhibiting included Antipodium (loads of beautiful sheer, pale dresses and shirts), Holly Fulton (Just incredible pieces, see pictures!!), Underwear designer whose name I can't remember (beautiful high wasited frilly, silk and lace pieces), Kusmi Tea (yum), Vintage Moschino (amazing patterns and colours that I always love), sample sales from Cheap Monday, and this really great designer who I had never heard of but whose name I have forgotten argh (black dresses with jangly bits). I also kept coming across stalls with some amazing vintage (expensive) sunglasses, and am kicking myself for not noting down some of the more memorable bits. There was also a jewellery brand which was equally amazing two years ago, called Les Nereides (store in covent garden I think) with really quirky unusual pieces, including necklaces with tiny dolls, glitter and eyeballs on them... Unfortunately I can't remember many of the designers (awful memory) but there were some lovely things and a lot of it was surprisingly afforable. I was even happier to come away with my own Antipodium dress :) It's pale pink, midi and sheer with a high collar and a caterpillar print - I'll hopefully remember to post photos soon. I also got attacked by a very camp man spritzing a juicy couture perfume by the door (Viva la Juicy) and I'm not a fan of Juicy Couture at all usually but this perfume was just loverrrrly. mmmmmm. I'm going to try and root around for the designers cards and leaflets and try and get back to you with the names!

 Holly Fulton
 Les Nereides
 Vintage Moschino


Retrosun Vintage Sunglasses


After leaving London Fashion Weekend after about two hours, I had to rush off to Leicester Square. For the best reason ever. Really. It was the day of Zach Braff's play that Izzy had booked tickets for, 'All New People'. It was a really small theatre but this actually made it feel much nicer, and the play itself was just great. I love Zach Braff's writing and he had once again outdone himself, 'All New People' was very very funny but also with some really interesting and unique thoughtful parts, some great one liners too. I really loved 'Garden State' and I think the play had a very similar style. The mixture of projecting film onto screens as well as the live actors was a really different idea and worked extremely well. One of my favourite lines that left me thinking for a good while after was, 'Don't worry, in 100 years there will be all new people'. The idea that in about one hundred years every single person on this Earth will be different is really strange to me. Anyway, highly recommend the play if you get a chance to see it. Now for the best part - MEETING ZACH BRAFF. Thats right (see picture haha). We queued by the stage door afterwards and he just walked out, as if he was a normal human being! It was so wonderful, he's really lovely and sweet and signed our tickets and posed with us for a photo :) One of the best moments ever. We sat down on the pavement after and cried. I'm not exaggerating, Izzy literally had tears pouring down her face. And a few moments later we saw him skip across the street infront of us too (like actually skip)..

After this busy busy morning I then met a friend for dinner, dashed home and had another friend over for Mario kart and a half-viewing of 'Eight legged freaks'. One of the best days I've had in a really long time.

I'm writing this quite a bit later and would normally post the song I am listening to at the time, but I believe at the time I was listening to this...
It's 'This Sweet Love' by James Yuill (fell in love after seeing it in the DM advert with Agnes Dean)

I've got lots more to say but not much energy left to say it with, so I will hopefully continue tomorrow.
Night xo

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