Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Pastels, Pink Hair, Painting, Pain-Free...

Hi everyone,

Today I'm bringing you pink hair, pastels, painting...and cruelty free cosmetics. Okay I tried to keep up the alliteration but it just didn't work... 'pain-free' cosmetics??

Anyway. I've got bright pink hair and I'm SUPER HAPPY - me and my sister are a hairdressing dream team obviously. I'm not just feeling happy because of the new hair dye (although that helps, but I'm actually feeling much more myself than I have done in years. And it feels pretty great. I've been busy painting again, kicking things off with a slightly cheesy Bowie portrait, and I've even managed to sell a couple of pieces. This was always the dream, it just took me a while to get back to it (major cheese alert...). I'm going to keep art-ing when I can afford to and will keep you all updated on my creative adventures!

Meanwhile, I've still been enjoying the fashion side of things - although I can't update this blog as frequently as I'd like to because somehow I've become RIDICULOUSLY busy (freelance life..), I'm definitely still embracing my new crazy look and feeling a bit braver with my fashion choices. Saying that, I bet you're not surprised in the least that this post contains floral prints...? 

I've also made the decision to try and go cruelty free with cosmetics. Now, I'm still going to use up all the stuff I already have so you still may see it pop up from time to time, but all new things will definitely be cruelty free - at least to my knowledge. I'm not a vegetarian but I still can't stand the idea of animals being hurt purely for cosmetic reasons, when plenty of other beauty companies do it without this cruel practice. SO, todays post will feature a new purchase from one of my FAVOURITE brands who are also cruelty free - the NYX Matte lipstick in Sierra. Just look how lovely and peachy the tone is! It glides on like butter as well, but still has that classic matte finish that I adore so much.

I genuinely don't think there is such a thing as too much pink...is there? In any case, I fell in love with this floral maxi dress from H&M which just basically sums up Spring fashion for me. Although it's snowing outside, it's technically still nearly Spring time...just getting prepared here guys...

Dress - H&M
Lipstick - NYX
Highlighter - TheBalm

Till next time! xxxx

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