Friday, 13 April 2012

Step into the night

I wish I had some more exciting things to report back on, but unfortunately I am bed-ridden (sort of! not overexaggerating at all...) so haven't really done anything whatsoever. Of course as you might imagine, this has resulted in boredom and consequently lots of imaginary unrealistic online shopping baskets. Lately I've been really wanting to buy a vintage animal jumper or tshirt, especially after seeing a really nice sleeveless wolf one at Beyond Retro. I'm not allowing myself to do anymore shopping lately, particularly as I keep needing to buy expired polaroid film for my art project and as we know polaroid film is STUPIDLY expensive :( So i'm having to be good, and seeing as I have no income this may have to be the case indefinitely...

My current Beyond Retro vintage animal obsessed unrealistic amazing shopping basket:

Particular fond of numbers 1, 4 and 5 (just incase anyone fancies getting me a get well soon present...)

 a beauty

till tomorrow x

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