Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Sunken Cathedral

Oh my goodness, I have just stumbled across these Black Milk leggings. They are just perfect. I want them veeeery much.

Today was 'The Event II' at Uni. I go to Winchester School of Art, so of course this meant a masked ball theme with self-destructing sculptures, henna stations, and a fashion show featuring very unusual creatures and costumes. However as you can probably imagine, this was highly entertaining! Made even better by getting my own Henna done, I feel like a princess...

This is a photo of a purposely failing, self-destructing sculpture which is a tribute/re-make of 'Homage To New York'. Although the photo was taken before it started destroying itself, It set on fire and began to explode. Dangerous fun.

And to round it off, have a picture of me just chilling inside a womb. It was my friend Lorna's sculpture installation, quite scary but very comfy!

soon soon :) x

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